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on Sat Aug 04, 2018 10:42 pm
I was going to write something quick and dirty here, but I think Aeront's post from the old forum says it best-- here it is, for posterity:

Aeront wrote:
Before I begin, if the idea of roleplaying intrigues you but you don't really know what it is, I'd suggest asking a forum member or moderator, or perhaps looking it up on your own. I won't be going over the definition or basics of RPing here, so if you're in the dark about that, try to get informed.

RPing can be seen in a lot of the forum games here on Terra Firma, especially the likes of AtoCal and DoTF, so if you wish to host a roleplay or join one, there's definitely a community here to support you.

That said, some degree of quality control is necessary when it comes to RP's, as, if players are going to commit their time and effort to making an RP successful, it should have some baseline quality to it to ensure a successful RPing experience.

Don't worry though; if an RP is obviously thought out and developed, and people are willing to show support for it, I doubt there will be any trouble approving it.

In order for an RP to be approved, the person suggesting it should go ahead and make a thread in The Proving Ground sub-forum above. In the thread created, go over the general concept for your game, its settings, and general expectations the players can have. The person proposing the game should also include a character application for anyone who wishes to join the RP. Once this proposal has been made, the RP itself must be approved by  the Roleplaying Subforum moderator. While the approval process is under way, you are free to collect character apps from players who are interested in participating.

Don't let that approval system scare you; if for any reason your proposal is not found to be up to quality, feedback will be given so that you may fix whatever grievances are seen. Additionally, I would like to request other forum members to help their fellows out by providing constructive criticism and advice if they see something in the RP proposition that looks flawed or incorrect.

If, on the other hand, your interest is to join an RP, the best place to look is in the before-mentioned proposed RPs of the Proving Grounds. These RPs are looking for support and people to join them, so if you've got a fix to join, browse through the proposed RPs and find one you're interested in. Also note that on occasion, active RPs within the Roleplaying subforum itself will request for more players to join mid-roleplay, so it may be worth your time to check the currently running RPs as well.

Once an RP has been fully approved and enough people have joined, the person in charge of the RP may create a thread in the main Roleplaying subforum, where the RP can officially begin.

If you ever have any issues regarding RPs, whether it be creating one, joining one, making a proposal, or getting your RP approved, feel free to PM me, I would be happy to assist in any way possible.

And with that, good luck! Make some wonderful stories!
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