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Tremble, My Heaven Empty Tremble, My Heaven

on Wed Aug 08, 2018 3:51 pm
Since we're just starting out here, I thought I'd start us off in this section with a little project I started a while ago. I'm hoping to keep this updated with new chapters and journal-ish pieces about the development process! If you're just interested in reading, I'll keep an archive up here in the first post with links to every post with a new chapter in it.

Tremble, My Heaven RIY4Dss

Tremble, My Heaven centers around Finn Isseli, a daring young pilot with a troubled past who begins the story peacefully preparing for his own death. He soon meets a soft-hearted aspiring pediatrician in a similar situation, Winters, who is pulling all the stops to pay off his debts after being estranged from his family in the midst of his studies. The two men decide to travel together in a land at the dawn of its industrial era, recently taken over by a group of powerful magicians who call themselves the Witch Council. At the Council’s head is the Great Witch, Deirdre, whose order is to tear down the structure of power established by men and thus restore nature to its former glory, after years of industrialization and war have torn the surrounding landscapes apart. Finn and Winters must face the changing society together on their travels, over time meeting people who are outraged by the new order, people who have been waiting for such a change their whole lives, and everyone between.

Chapter Archive:

  • Chapter 1

Extra Content:

*It's empty.


Just in case, if there are any chapters coming up with content questionably safe for work, it'll come with a warning describing the content in question and only be available on the Google Doc.
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