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Global Rules Empty Global Rules

on Sun Aug 05, 2018 1:45 pm
Terra Firma's Official Global Rules

1. No Explicit or Inappropriate Material.
This site is meant to be safe for work, which means certain types of offensive material are prohibited. Please do not post anything that is excessively vulgar, graphic, or otherwise inappropriate. In particular, pornography and any sort of sexually explicit material is banned. Please do not advertise or discuss any illegal acts on this forum.

In the event that you're unsure about whether something is allowed, please consult with a moderator first, as pushing the limits could result in a ban.

2. No Flaming or Trolling.
Another goal of this site is to be a place where people can simply relax and hang out. To that end, respect other users and do not intentionally antagonize. In-character conflict (so long as it's CLEARLY in character) is perfectly fine. Similarly, serious disagreements are also fine so long as they're kept respectful and confined to the proper topics. However, insulting or harassing others is against the rules, and will be punished accordingly.

3. No Spamming.
Posts that are completely irrelevant to the topic at hand can be considered spam, as are replies without any substantial content. This also includes completely incomprehensible posts, bumping long-dead topics, stretching the screen with ridiculously sized images, and advertisements. Please avoid such posts and try to be constructive when you reply to a topic.

4. Create Threads In the Correct Category.
This forum is organized so certain threads should be in certain places. (ie, RPs should be in the RP category, Writing should be in the Writing forum, etc.) These are usually self-evident from the titles of sections. Please make sure any threads created are relevant to the section they are started in.

5. Follow all category-specific rules.
Some categories, such as RP, may require users to follow additional rules or procedures. Infractions against these rules will be treated similarly to breaking a global rule, and thus should be followed at all times. If you are unsure about the rules of a section, please PM its moderator, or any moderator/admin if the section has none.

6. No Alternate Accounts Without Request.
Allowing users to create alternate accounts can lead to a multitude of issues when it comes to organizing and administrating a forum. That said, the moderation team recognizes that alternate accounts can be used to a good effect, such as giving NPCs their own accounts for a game or RP. Because of this, alternate accounts may be requested from administrators. However, unless explicitly allowed by an administrator, users may not create alternate accounts.

7. Respect the Authority of Moderators.
In the category or forum of the site where a moderator has power, their word is law, unless it contradicts the global rules. They have authority over any threads or posting that occurs within their section, and may carry out disciplinary measures if they deem it necessary. If they are the moderator of a game, they have full authority to kick you from said game if they find it fruitful. Any concerns about the section or game should be deferred to that forum's/game's moderator.

Global moderators have global authority, and maintain the ability to carry out disciplinary measures, although serious punishments such as forum-wide banning will require the approval of an administrator. Moderators are not exempt from the global rules.

If you believe a moderator has been acting unjustly, you may send a complaint to an admin. If they agree, the moderator will face consequences, but know this will only occur for serious offenses.
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