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Welcome To Our Alternate Site! Empty Welcome To Our Alternate Site!

on Sun Aug 05, 2018 1:00 pm
Hello there! Due to the recent acquisition of Zetaboards by Tapatalk, the moderation team of Terra Firma has created this site. For the moment, this forum will be treated as an alternate option to the original, but perhaps in the future we will be able to have a full conversion.

We apologize for the impact this change has had on games, RPs, and other personal projects, but rest assured we will be trying our best to accommodate and aid Terra Firma content creators whenever possible.

For those looking for the game Raid on Phoenix Hill (RoPH), it's GM Rena has decided to move the game to its own off-site forum. This is in large part due to plugins available on that site that are not available on Forumotion, which we entirely support. You can access that forum by clicking here.

While this site is under construction, Tempest and Violet will be admins in order to speed up workflow and reconstruction (they've done most of the work so far in fact, really excellent stuff). They will likely be moved back to Moderators once the forum is in adequate condition, though if having multiple admins is considered useful they may retain that position.

Feel free to register an account if you haven't already and use this forum as you please, even while it is under construction. I will continue to administrate the old forum as well, but do know my focus will be shifted toward this one, as I think this will be a better home for Terra Firma in the long run.

This change has been disruptive for everyone involved, and no steps undertaken will produce a forum experience equal to the one we had previously. That said, I and the other administrators will try our best to improve and re-establish all we can, and we very much hope you'll come along to see its end.
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