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Attack on Castle High Empty Attack on Castle High

on Sun Dec 02, 2018 5:26 pm
Attack on Castle High Castlehigh_orig

Attack on Castle High: Conquest for a Fleeting Front is a continuation to the Attack on Castle Low series, and can be considered the earliest entry in the chronology. The game covers the story of the Castle High, which broke off from the Castle Low as a proactive defense against all those in the world that might threaten to tear the Castles apart in the future. Players take part in multiple castle-against-castle battles alongside several of Castle High's leaders, each with distinct personality and abilities: Russel, the upbeat commander; Corbin, the stern navigator; Rosemary, the compassionate medic; Giada, the aloof technician; Scarlett, the aggressive infiltator; and an unnamed manipulative sorcerer dressed in azure.

Player guide their character through a series of turn-based fights in which Castle High takes on the forces of another castle somewhere in the world, which each opposing fortress boasting unique enemies, obstacles, artillery and defenses. With each successful fight, Castle High gains more resources, allowing the castle to upgrade its infrastructure and weaponry, and for the players to hone their skills. In addition, player-created Fleeting Fortresses can appear as additional challenges for players to fight as well.

With each passing battle, more and more of the story behind Castle High may reveal itself, unveiling the lore behind the Castle Low series one bit at a time. And which each new thing players learn about the twin Castle, they might find something about themselves...
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