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Investigation - Popup Ads Hidden in Forum Links

on Fri Nov 02, 2018 1:08 pm
Not sure if anyone else is having these problems, but I've had instances occasionally where clicking on forum hyperlinks-- such as the login button or a link to a recent post-- opens up a suspicious popup ad on another tab. This doesn't usually warrant a subforum of its own on the top of the page, but this currently something that needs active and visible investigation in order to prevent future issues. Advertisements are included on our page as a form of payment to Forumotion, but we should never have to deal with malicious or inappropriate content because of this.

This is what I encountered today- do not copy this into your browsers to examine. I've also broken up the link with spaces:
ht tps://gaitergeorgann . club / ?swim=phelps &brand=Desktop&model=Desktop&td=track. detestable-dravite .com &cep=bZ562QxfVXRFobakGkLgVEsbsk-iUR89cVmY3x2yYxB7I KgESEcQBbt445ajqVIr1_dQSX4C5DE cYdQKZNJUbagVxfC-1H6vrMpaAvfEh7VTa 7ibdVGyCv _ 0RfAbM11FilL05qR EBfYpLp9o95JzQ _EzhusTDW6g-mZz JYb-2gL9ETwWNn13 obo6bizFXEVXEj-E2X4T0JZ7l 6cb9HAr6gOh8EsC6gGxZ -GKMCeftcsy5N1i z6kNmEMaJ9ZFz4q 5wXuIA5mJRN00KRa3YF MvMPc5gFdrksFXLkqqX8HM4eU &campaign=119558820&zone=1242764 &  clickid= 15411760621745 81458212 7 8522 07301336 & klawz= % 5Bk lawz%5D#

Adding this forum for those who still use it and may encounter similar problems-- I want to see them as soon as possible so I can report them and have them removed. So far, I don't see anything on the Administration Panel that can be used to examine or remove it, and appearance is inconsistent. If you experience any issues, try to carefully copy the link from your search history or take a screenshot, then send it to me here or over PMs. Everything will be reported publicly, but private reports will be shared here anonymously.
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Re: Investigation - Popup Ads Hidden in Forum Links

on Wed Nov 14, 2018 11:36 am
I received just such a popup a moment ago while visiting the old TeamNESHQ forum, which is also hosted on Forumotion, so it may be a host-wide issue.
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Re: Investigation - Popup Ads Hidden in Forum Links

on Wed Nov 14, 2018 9:39 pm
I checked out the Forumotion help forum the other day; this is something that happens when forums don't see a lot of activity. I was told that a minimum of five posts per day from different members would make the popups go away eventually, though for us that's a tall order, lol. I told a few people in the TF chats and forgot to update it here : P so yeah, @ whoever's passing by, keep an adblocker on while you're around our old forums. closing this for now because there's no further discussion to be had, I guess.
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Re: Investigation - Popup Ads Hidden in Forum Links

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