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XP Upgrade Shop Empty XP Upgrade Shop

on Sun Sep 23, 2018 12:52 am
Whenever you complete a chapter section you hadn't previously completed, you'll receive XP as a reward! You can spend this XP to permanently improve the strength of the characters you've unlocked, such that whenever you use that character in battle, they'll have the upgrades you selected and be much more able to fight off opponents! These upgrades only apply in story modes and do not apply anywhere else.

So long as you have the XP for it, you can purchase any upgrade for any unlocked fighter! Just reply to this topic with your selection. Check the Player Inventories thread to see how much XP you have available to spend.


(1) Burning Drive - 250 XP
Decreases AP Costs of each of Amber's non-Crisis abilities by 2.

(2) Fiery Drive - 250 XP
Decreases CR Costs of each of Amber's Crisis Abilities by 50 percentage points.

(3) Honed Blade - 250 XP
Increases priority of White Blade by 3.0.

(4) Spreading Wings - 250 XP
Adds effect to 32nd Lumen Art: Phoenix Wing: "Select a number X from the choices -1, 0 and 1; add -0 : +X to this ability's range for the duration of its use."

(5) Blooming Rose - 250 XP
Adds effect to 68th Lumen Art: Rose Circle: "On hit: attacked fighter receives the [Burned] status. While a fighter has [Burned], they take an additional 60 Elemental damage at the end of each turn. This status is lost when they recover HP or are affected by a Water-attribute ability."

(6) Passionate Heart - 250 XP
Adds effect to 98th Lumen Art: Soaring Heart: "Until the end of this turn, the user's Fire-attribute attacking ability generate doubled Crisis Rate."

(7) Fervent Horizon - 250 XP
Increases range of Horizon Cross by -0 : +1.

(8) Intense Crimson - 250 XP
Increases attack of 212th Lumen Art: Shear Crimson by 100.
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