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on Fri Sep 21, 2018 12:49 am
Welcome to CriColl! (RULES AND RESOURCES - NEWCOMERS START HERE) Crisiscollide_2

What is Crisis Collide?

Crisis Collide is a turn-based head-to-head competitive strategy-fighting game hybrid that takes beloved characters across Terra Firma and lets you duke it out with your rivals with them! With a collisions of all-star fighters finding themselves in Aniralia, all that's left to do is to duke out for the fate of the country as tensions broil among its citizens! Who will remain standing at the end?!

Forming a team of three out of a large roster of memorable characters, you can challenge your friends into tactical battles, where each of you will have one fighter duking it out at a time, and you'll spend each turn planning out how exactly you want to maneuver and attack! Should you have your fighter step back, just out of the enemy's range, and then strike when vulnerable? Do you rush in to take out the opposing fighter as soon as possible? Or do you switch out to a different fighter on your team, changing the tide of battle entirely? Either way, at the end of it, only one team can be left standing!

For more, please visit the Crisis Collide webpage: https://project-siege.weebly.com/crisis-collide.html

What's to look forward to?

Crisis Collide comes with it the saga of Amber Lumen, a younger member of the Lumen clan that has long been a figurehead of the nation of Aniralia. Maintaining the Lantern that is said by legend to be the heart of the country, the artifact that will protect the nation from whatever attempts to intrude... but with the influx of the greatest Terra Firma has to offer, the people are angry, and with bureaucracy within the Lumen clan blocking the way, it's up to Amber to try and put an end to the madness!

Crisis Collide is a game that can be picked up and played at any time with another friend, but even so, it will evolve over time as the saga unfolds. New challengers will enter Aniralia, battles will become more heated and nuanced, and the war over the nation will slowly reach a burning peak as the Lantern sways. What will be the future for this nation...?

How do I play?

The official rules for playing the game are available at https://project-siege.weebly.com/crisis-collide-how-to-play.html

All playable character data is available in this spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lL0VUBL__X5AfNgvLGL0ufGNahRYLnyBfcVBlpYz-Tk/edit?usp=sharing
As of September 21st, there are 18 playable characters.

All playable arenas for standard multiplayer play are available at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1U7UzjrQX82yU4EBuAKC9Zpsk8-p5YOJhWrK1MoYmlKw/edit?usp=sharing
As of September 21st, there is only one available arena.

How can I participate?

Here on Terra Firma, you can use the main parent forum to discuss and talk about the game. More detailed discussion topics are on their way, but for now, feel free to make your own topics and discuss what you would like about the game.

The Story: Fight for Aniralia forum is here for you to play a single-player cooperative story mode that takes you through the story of Crisis Collide in the eyes of Amber Lumen as she attempts to resolve the issues caused by the other fighters suddenly appearing in Aniralia. You can play through a series of challenges, completing them to gain power and raise the strength of your allies, as you come closer and closer to the truth behind it all! Although every player will tackle challenges alone and has their own personal path of progression, once a new page of the story is unlocked by one player, it's unlocked for everyone, so work together as you attempt to come closer to the truth!

The Versus: Multiplayer Battle forum lets you challenge other players head-to-head in a regular game of Crisis Collide. Arrange a match, get somebody to act as referee, and duke it out with your chosen team of all-star fighters! Can you prove your strength in battle?

And if you'd like to try a different format than a message board, we also host game discussion and multiplayer gameplay on our Discord server: https://discord.gg/wcjqndC
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