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March 2019


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on Wed Aug 15, 2018 5:00 pm
this is my art thread hope you enjoy, I doodle a lot while doing other more important stuff so if I end up making anything I like I'll post it here

Finn and Winters at Hammond's:

Finn Isseli and Yule Walker (better known by his alias, Nix Winters), the OG dynamic duo starring in Tremble, My Heaven and other projects. Doodled while looking for music to use in Hammond's, a little game I'm running in the small projects section. it's about going to a bar and punching lots of people to assert your dominance

Finn's little companion is the manifestation of his magic, Ratatosk! It has the power to draw the aggression of others and gives him heightened agility. Yule himself has a spirit he can summon or transform into-- a big fluffy samoyed he calls Delis, which behaves in reflection of his true state of mind. The ability to manifest these 'brain wolves' runs in the family, but the trait is expressed only by Walker men. It's a symbol of servitude, though to what exactly, none in the present generation truly know.

barrys just like to have fun:

Drawn while listening to PMJ; a quick series of motion sketches for one of my newer characters- Barry Thornton, an energetic young singer at his family inn and restaraunt, the Mistletoe. Have a listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tv94swj4sjo

Skye Sorida at Fate/Scattered Silhouettes:

Was thinking about returning to this soon, now that I'm feeling a little more energetic-- here's Skye, or Lancer of Earth from a Fate spinoff I started for fun a while ago (based on the roleplay I host with a few others), Fate/Scattered Silhouettes.

she's just a sweetie

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on Thu Aug 30, 2018 12:38 am
dumb animatic storyboard thing

Progress Log 8.29 @ 11:58:

did panels 0-17 yesterday on 8.28, not including the 03-1,2,3; spent some time editing them into the video. this song has a strong rhythm and nice funk in general that makes it really fun when the animation hits right on the strong beats, lol.

18-40 done today, but it's getting late; might wait until I get to the end of the next musical phrase before I sit down and edit the rest of the batch in. honestly, looking at all this seems pretty daunting when I think about whether or not I'll actually animate it. I definitely would, I'd definitely love to write Paradise as a standalone story rather than a sideshow, tacked on to another RP, about characters nobody really cares about. tbh that whole thing in general is a glorious trainwreck, mostly due to the spontaneous way I've been approaching it as new things keep coming up, but I hope we can at least wrap it up so we can say we did it. if nothing else, as a creative work it's spawned some of my favorite characters/new aspects of old characters with not much depth, and because of that, I've got a lot of new plans for the road ahead.

In this trailer, Paradise is treated as a standalone story (though I think in the hypothetical movie it'd be clear that the protagonists aren't the real 'heroes' in their world) -- here, the elites of the cult Tenebris travel back in time from fifteen years in the future to complete a nefarious task, one that ends with their leader, Wane Lunam, sacrificing his body to their deity: his father, who communicates with him telepathically from another realm.

Mayor Vitale Walker and simple street vendor Oliver Harthel, former members of the cult recruited in the present-day after both losing their families to a disaster brought forth by a demon, decide to settle back down into their normal lives after the demon's bond and his traveling companions defeat them in battle-- until the demon makes a deal with Vitale Walker, raising his family from the dead in exchange for his promise that he will stop Tenebris at all costs. Oliver, in spite of being recently blinded, decides to accompany the old Walker on his journey north, forging a strong friendship between them.

However, what Walker thinks will only be a grim assassination is thrown for a loop as he and Oliver meet Wane's ex boyfriend, Chrysolas Sorida, and Wane's former right-hand-- as well as Walker's loser son from the future-- Dr. Yule Walker. Yule, who had been expelled from the cult for general misconduct and attempts to pull Wane away from their grasp, sees their meeting as a chance to save the head cultist, who he has come to think of as his own son. While Walker Sr. thinks that saving Wane will be impossible after all the years of conditioning he had gone through, he is inspired by the passion he sees in his son and decides to give the plan a chance.

Destined to end in failure, their journey surrounds the idea of what it means to pursue one's dream even if it's painfully clear that all hope of achieving it is futile. Treasuring the meaning of the actions within, proving one's love through desperate struggle, and becoming someone who can show the people one loves how much they matter in spite of their many losses and shortcomings are also present here; it's about unlikely family, reforging bonds, and deciding that, if the world's about to come crashing down, it's best to go out gloriously.

honestly, it's just fun. totally sad but fun- yule's unabashed openness about his vices, walker's no-nonsense- almost vicious- old-fashioned masculinity and class, chrys' [appearance of] relative innocence and oliver's sultry but cold attitude covering a truly nurturing spirit all make for interesting character dynamics that haven't realllly gotten the attention and love they deserve in Paradise's CYOA-ish/LP version or in the main RP. right now I've got a couple of different stories going, though, but a comic or animation for Paradise would just be perfect. Maybe somedayyy

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on Fri Aug 31, 2018 12:02 am
Progress Log 8.30 @ 11:43:

bingewatching nostalgia critic/mother's basement/overly sarcastic while I do this really grounds me from a storytelling/cinematic standpoint imho Day 3 of work on this, did about 27 new frames over the course of a little under nine hours. I had the rotating sword duel scene in the library in my head for aages, it's not really 100% what I imagined it to be, but that's mostly because putting it on 'paper' forced me to put it 100% in the setting-- a narrow row of bookshelves not totally ideal for 360 turns that pull far out. Still, the depth established by the bookshelves is a really cool element that, if I ever do fully animate this, will be fun to look at when it's all done.

Once again decided to push all the way to my goal for the day-- the end of the silent part and the next musical phrase-- but didn't have time to put it into the video. I do listen to it in clips all the time throughout though, just so everything matches up; and I think the duel scene can hit all the beats as long as I'm meticulous about it.

I haven't had this much fun drawing something in a long time, honestly-- there are pieces of work that I like, but ones that enjoy and challenge me just enough throughout the process are kind of rare. I love drawing people in motion, and the storyboard not exactly being a place for perfection lets me play around without getting too hung up on tedious stuff. The basics of each frame are at the center: what's the focus, how is everything moving, what that frame accomplishes, and how it fits in with the frames around it. It's a very dynamic thought process, one that lets me stand up and move so I can act out new parts- or step back and look at what might need to be improved on a frame by frame basis.

This sort of thing is what I really love about drawing, and I hope to do more stuff like it in the future- I've got a comic I'm dead set on, know exactly where it's going and everything, and while it's not super action packed, it has the essentials of what I enjoy doing most.

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